The 'Monarch' Difference

Creativity, innovation, quality and caring have guided our decisions and earned us the trust of people who work with us, buy our products and live in the communities we call home. It's a trust we intend to keep.

Committed to Creativity

Appreciation for and understanding of the creative spirit runs deep at Monarch. Founder, Mr. Ramjibhai Nagda began the tradition of nurturing creativity that keeps our artists, designers, visualisers, writers and photographers motivated and inspired.

Innovation for Success

Our success is tied to keeping up with the needs of today. Whether it's creating new products or entirely new businesses, we are constantly innovating. We stay in touch with consumers through ongoing research and interaction to gain insight into their lives. We innovate in the ways we develop products, too - Monarch artists are just as likely to draw in charcoal or hand-paint an illustration as they are to design on a sophisticated 3-D computer system or use laser-cut technology. It's an ever-changing world, so we're an ever-changing company.

A Good Place to Work

Our employees like working here, and they like to build careers here. With creativity and innovation at our core, it's easy to see why. Whether it's a marketing, manufacturing or maintenance job, there's a clear link to the company's mission. They also enjoy great benefits, the recognition of work-life balance, and a share in the company's profits. Because we value each person and understand how important good relationships are, our workplace reflects those values.

Our Work Force

We possess highly motivated and dedicated employees, who are aware of changing moods and tastes of people. They are flexible, practical and can handle customer orders professionally. With the co-operation of our employees, we are constantly trying to meet the growing demands of our esteemed clients. Every product of ours is manufactured under the supervision of highly qualified experts.


Simple but powerful words that come to mind when you mention Monarch. Creating a brand as powerful as ‘Monarch’ started with the pursuit of quality nearly 75 years ago.
Our manufacturing facility conforms to international quality standards. Our raw-materials are derived from renowned suppliers and distributors. Our products are checked at every level of production to ensure customer satisfaction and flawless output.

More than a Slogan

“Speak Your Heart” is more than a slogan for Monarch, it is a business commitment. When Amit Shah, one of the youngest members in the management, scribbled these words on a piece of paper, he was trying to capture the essence of why Monarch stood above the rest. Little did he know that his scribblings would become one of the most recognized and trusted slogans in the greeting card industry.


Our constant endeavours to provide superior quality products to our customers have won us a large clientèle spread across the world. We have gained their trust and appreciation for the same. Our work ethics have compelled us to move ahead with both the new as well as the old clients at the same time. We have successfully catered to the international markets of African countries, U.K., Australia, U.A.E.