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Those were the days when marriage invitations were handwritten or even delivered verbally by personal couriers. The period was early 30's. An enterprising young man from Kutch was foreseeing the vast demand for printed wedding invitations and had started a press. Incidentally, the first one for printing wedding invitations.

But things were not as rosy as it seemed. The recession which had everybody the world over in its stranglehold, saw the crumbling of many gilt-edged dreams. Imported machinery was now being sold at the value of scrap.

But this particular young man was made of sterner stuff. He held on and tried to ride the dismal times as best as he could. With the machinery lying idle, there was plenty of one thing, and that was time. He began tinkering with his press. At that time, wedding invitations were printed only on plain pink paper. No pictures, no fancy stuff. To while away the time, he started making cut-outs of a particular figure and each cut-out of that figure was printed in a different colour, one at a time, at different strokes. And from this emerged a whole image in multi-colour. The young man, whose name was Ramjibhai Nagda realised that he had hit upon something innovative. This was the first of its kind in wedding card printing history in India.

However, making people accept this new fangled invitation card was another thing. But with an active brain ticking, he came up with the idea of printing a few invitation cards with fictitious names and addresses of Ahmedabad and Baroda. He then displayed them on the doors of his press.

On any given day, the press was frequented by about 200 to 500 patrons. Sometimes people had to queue up, and that was the time they began noticing Ramjibhai's new, innovative invitation cards.

That was only the beginning of the success story, that is MANGAL PRINTERS. Now there is a wide range of designs, pictures of beautiful scenery and images of mythological gods and goddesses in colour. But the credit for the first multi-coloured image in block printing goes to Mr. Ramjibhai Nagda.

Mangal Printers are now the doyen of the customers among wedding card printers and have carved for themselves a permanent niche in the market.

This innovative streak in the family was handed down to the next generation, which comprises of his son, Suresh. Mr. Suresh Shah spear-headed the growth of Mangal Printers with the diversification into greeting cards and social stationery, and the off-spring of his efforts is Monarch Greetings & Stationeries Pvt. Ltd. He also opened a wholesale showroom in the heart of the greeting card trading centre at Abdul Rehman Street in Bombay. It is the first of its kind in India. Here, in its beautiful ambience and pleasant atmosphere, one can find an unending array of beautiful cards for every occasion, all under one roof.

Mr. Amit Shah, who is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm has proved to be an able heir. After having completed his studies in management, he has been able to add a touch of professionalism in the organization. The global arena captured the attention of this young enterprising mind. The company has now spread its wings and has made its presence felt in the international markets including U.K., Australia, U.A.E. and several other countries in the Asian and African continents.

Monarch Greetings has been awarded various prizes for its designs and quality, year after year, including the Best Greeting Card Manufacturer. Today, Monarch Greetings & Stationeries Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established name in the domestic markets and is ranked among the top five greeting card manufacturers in the country.

With an immense amount of expertise and credibility, Monarch Greetings has become the highest benchmark for the Indian greeting card industry. In fact, the company’s continuing expansion plans aim to help Monarch Greetings meet the challenges of the greeting card industry in an even better manner than it does today.

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